"Linda Ipanema gives a song a personal feeling. Hearing her distinctive sound generates the same sense of excitement I first felt when Barbara Streisand was my TV vocalist. Her great vitality generates the crowds to fever pitch."

~ Joe Franklin

"From the red hot mama Sophie Tucker school of singing, with some Kay Starr brass added, Ipanema is boisterous, fiery, and passionate in her delivery, recalling the days of music halls, revues, and vaudeville. Ipanema's showmanship comes through loud most times, softer other times, but always clear."
~ Dave Nathan, All Music Guide

"As I approached the Daily News stage, a loud clear voice could be heard. Over the heads of the crowd I saw this slight built woman with a big voice. She was Linda Ipanema of the Dixie Cats. She was in a Time Machine because she belted out tunes that go back to the Swing Era. Linda had the crowd in her hands. They were clapping and moving to the beat. There was joy in her voice along with great vocal talent."

~ Ms. Pat Singer
Coordinator of the Annual Brighton Jubilee
Founder/Executive Director of the Brighton Neighborhood Association

"Thank you and the Dixie Cats for the fantastic Dixieland concert. Your choice of music was perfect and your energy and enthusiasm had them literally dancing in the isle!"
~ Cassie Guthrie, Programming Librarian, White Plains Public Library


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Is It True What They Say About Linda?

On hearing the announcer introduce Linda Ipanema as the Queen of Dixieland, some may doubt what they're about to see and hear. How can this Canarsie born and bred lass so authentically and convincingly convey the true sound of Dixie? It's easy for her, as it is to do other musical genres as well.

   As Ethel Merman once sang, she's "Doing what comes naturally." Whether she's singing, dancing, or making whoopee, there's always the spark of something very special going on. She can light up the stage with her electricity. This gal's got it and she's not afraid to flaunt it. So step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and be royally entertained by the Queen herself, Miss Linda Ipanema.

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A self-contained band, it is drawn from the best Dixieland players in the Metropolitan area, with a rhythm section and 3 horns (trumpet, clarinet, and trombone).